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The NEIL / NEILL / O'NEILL Families of Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland

This synopsis reviewed and fully updated by “The Geneal Geologist”, 2 Jan 2018
Additional information, comments and corrections welcome as research is ongoing.
A lot of the questions raised by this research may be answered by Y-DNA and atDNA testing. Please share if you are a descendant O’NEIL/O’NEILL.
For atDNA comparison: GEDmatch kit A663439 / GEDmatch Genesis UT7680955
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General Synopsis

Although I have a specific interest in early C19th family roots in and around the townland of Reenroe (Kilgarriffe parish) just north of Clonakilty, I am documenting the trees of all NEAL / NEIL / NEILL / O’NEILL families in the greater Clonakilty area. There are both close naming patterns for children and the families farmed neighbouring townlands, which could suggest a wider family/clan connection. Note that early church records (Darrara) also have the name mistranscribed as MEAL.

The Reenroe family includes Stephen O'NEILL (1889-1966) 3rd Section Commander, Clonakilty Company IRA at the Kilmichael Ambush of British Auxiliaries, near Clonakilty in Nov 1920. Related Clonakilty and Dunmanway area families include: McCARTHY, MURPHY, COLLINS, MENNIS, WALSH, O'REGAN/REGAN, O'SULLIVAN/SULLIVAN, O'LEARY/LEARY, O'DONOVAN/DONOVAN, CROWLEY, HENDRIE and descendant O'NEILL families in Airdrie, Scotland.

The Irish OS map below provides a geographical reference for the townlands and places mentioned in this synopsis. The families are closely tied to townlands either side of the R588 corridor that runs north between Clonakilty and Enniskean. The O’NEILL families living in Kilgarriffe parish (Cashelisky, Reenroe, Knockskeagh, Fourcuil (aka Fork Hill, Old Wood, Bleak Wood) & Templebryan as well as Ring (south of Clonakilty)) tended to marry and have their children baptised at Darrara church, Clonakilty. Those in Knock & Ballinard, slightly further north, are associated with records in Enniskean and records in the Bandon RD. Recent information has shown that many members of the Reenroe O’NEILL family are buried in Kilnagross churchyard (marked and unmarked) near Shannonvale.

The history of farming at Reenroe is suggested from the earliest C19th involving at least two likely brothers, Peter & Felix NEIL / O’NEILL senior, who were probably born in the 1770’s or 1780’s. Other brothers are suspected, for example a brother James NEIL at neighbouring Cashelisky. My wife’s Reenroe family is descended from Peter’s apparent only son John NEIL, my wife’s 2xGGF. Peter’s first baptised child in 1810 indicates that the O’NEILLs were already well established a Reenroe by that time.

The name Felix & Peter reoccurs along many family lines and in other O’NEILL families in the Clonakilty area, and I am attempting to group and possibly connect these families in the greater Clonakilty & Enniskean area through a database on Ancestry. Felix occurs up to 10 times between the C19th & C20th.

Origins prior to this time are unclear as records at Darrara church are only available from 1809, so any inferences are purely my own as it is not entirely clear if the earliest records apply to the senior brothers or sons of the same name. It would be possible to review Y-DNA evidence from any living direct descendant male O’NEILL in any of the lines. I can provide guidance to anyone who would like to do this voluntarily. As with many Irish families, emigration due to hard times may account for missing records or cold trails. The story is being revised as new information comes to light. By the 1911 census occupation by O’NEILLs at both Reenroe and Cashelisky had declined and the remaining family in the area were generally in suburban Clonakilty. In 2016, direct descendant John Joseph “Sean” O’NEILL (1940) is the last person to be farming lands at Reenroe & Cashelisky, with no generations expected to follow.

O’NEILL has a genetic clan focus in SW Ireland:

The family outlines as far as family stories and available Irish records are given below.

A: The Family of Felix NEIL of Knockskeagh & Enniskean

Felix NEIL & Ellen “Nell” MURPHY were married in 1810 at Timoleague & Barryroe. Peter NEIL (possibly his father or brother) was a witness. Their first three known children were baptised at Darrara (Clonakilty), while the remainder were baptised at Enniskean. Son Owen NEIL, of all the Clonakilty baptised children, had the townland given, which was Knockskeagh (just north of Reenroe, on the road to Dunmanway). Sometime before 1823 the family had moved from Knockskeagh to Ballinard, Desertserges (Enniskean). Clonakilty descendants of this branch may include the current owners of the Fernhill Hotel, who are reported to be from the Enniskean area. Records suggest some O’NEILLs were already established around the townland of Ballinard (Desertserges) at the turn of C19th. Based on the 1826 Tithe records, where Felix is recorded as the son of Peter, it is likely Felix is the s/o Peter NEIL (senior) of Reenroe.

Children of Felix & Ellen baptised at Darrara:

·      John NEIL (1811 – sponsor Owen NEIL*) – least likely candidate for my wife’s 2xGGF (see discussion below);

·      Peter NEIL (1814 – sponsor Patrick NEIL**);

·      Owen NEIL (1816 Knockskeagh – sponsor John NEIL**);

Then at Enniskean:

·      Kate NEIL (1823 – sponsor John NEIL**);

·      Mary NEIL (1825 – sponsors: Thomas** & Ellen NEIL (presumably the mother));

·      Cornelius NEIL (1828);

·      Honora NEIL (1829 – sponsor: Felix NEIL (presumably the father));

*Owen O’NEILL senior is possibly identified as a brother to Felix as Felix named his 3rd son Owen. There are two possible marriages (not located), but no other matching evidence in support of Owen (who may be one of several recorded in the US):

o   = Catherine BUCKLEY (bef 1820):

§  Felix NEIL (1820 of Mill Street, Clonakilty – sponsor Cath NEIL (presumed to be the mother));

o   = Catherine BOHANE (bef 1824);

§  Michael NEIL (1824) settled in Madison, VA from abt 1850 = Fanny BREEDON & having at least 9 children;

**John NEIL is assumed to be a brother who was already farming in the Ballinard area. Thomas NEIL is probably the one married to Mary DONOVAN and living in Desertserges near Enniskean (who has their own son named Felix NEIL in 1822). Patrick NEIL is otherwise unknown and may be an older generation family member. A Cornelius NEIL was also living in Desertserges and had a son Felix NEIL in 1821 by his wife Jude/Julia HOLLAND. One of these two Felix is probably the Clonakilty registered death in 1868 with approx. birth year of 1822.

Griffith’s Valuation from 1853 at the townland of Ballinard, Desertserges lists Felix O’NEILL senior, Felix O’NEILL junior, Felix O’NEILL (John) i.e. assumed to be known as John (to distinguish him from Felix junior), Cornelius O’NEILL, Thomas O’NEILL and Mary O’NEILL

Felix O’NEILL = Jane SHORTEN in 1852 Enniskean. It is not clear which Felix this is. Their children at Enniskean:

o   John O’NEILL (1853);

o   Mary O’NEILL (1855);

o   John O’NEILL (1858);

o   Ellen O’NEILL (1861);

o   Anne O’NEILL (1864);

o   Cornelius O’NEILL (1866);

B: The Families of Peter & John NEIL of Reenroe

John O'NEILL (1811-1883) of Reenroe = Anne DONOVAN (c1812) of Shannonvale (near Clonakilty) in Mar 1840 at Darrara church in Clonakilty and are my wife’s 2xGGPs. John appears to be the 1813 s/o Peter NEIL & Mary O’SULLIVAN Bouge (possibly the daughter of James SULLIVAN alais BOGUE of nearby Knockskeagh, based on a gravestone at Kilnagross). Peter is listed c1826 in Tithe Applotment Book at Reenroe, and son of Peter senior, Felix, was recorded as farming at Knockskeagh.

My wife’s likely 3xGGF Peter NEIL would probably have been born in the 1780’s and part of a multi-generational occupation at Reenroe. He married Mary BOUGE sometime prior to 1809 as the following children are baptised at Darrara church:

·      Anne NEIL (1810);

·      John NEIL (1813, who took over the farm at Reenroe);

·      Hanora "Norry" NEIL (1815-37);

·      Eliza NEIL (1818);

·      Margaret NEIL (1824);

Importantly, although recorded often as being of "Ringroe" in records (probably because the Darrara church was near to Ring), it does confirm O'NEILL occupancy at Reenroe as early as 1810.

Griffith’s Evaluation from 1853 confirming John O’NEILL is farming at Reenroe. Daniel DONOVAN is believed to be related to John’s wife Anne DONOVAN of Shannonvale.

The recent discovery of O’NEILL graves at Kilnagross churchyard, near Shannonvale, indicates the Reenroe family’s main burial place.

The burial plot of GGF Denis O’NEILL, his wife Ellen MENNIS and family (Kilnagross)
"In Loving Memory of Denis O’Neill
Who Died 8th Nov 1913
His Wife Ellen Who died 11th July 1926
Their Sons
John died 16th Jan 1957
James died 31st Jan 1932
Their Daughters
Mary and Kathleen
Kate wife of John
Died 16th Feb 1958
Their Daughter Anne
Died 3rd Feb 1945"

Kilnagross church, Shannonvale

Gravestone erected my Peter O’NEILL to his wife (Mary BOUGE) and their daughter Hanora
“Erected by PETER O'NEILL
in memory of his beloved daughter HONORA who depd. this life May 17th, 1837 aged 22 years
also in memory of his beloved wife MARY O'NEILL who depd. this life April 20th, 1840."

It is thought highly likely that Peter O'NEILL is buried at Kilnagross, along with many others who aren’t referenced on any headstone. It is known for certain that Thady MURPHY, a descendant of the marriage between Mary O'NEILL & Denis MURPHY in 1870, was buried in the O’NEILL plot but no marking bears his name. He was a sailor who was drowned in the Argideen river, just across the road from Kilnagross church, although located a week later closer to Castleview Mill. His story is documented. Donal Barrett, living in Reenroe, identified another grave plot where the O’NEILLs are buried, as he helped dig this grave with two other locals. In this instance, nothing would be known without the old gravedigger's personal knowledge!

Six children and their descendants are known from John O’NEILL & Anne DONOVAN:

·      Mary O'NEILL (1841) = Denis MURPHY (c1842-?1888) in 1870 Clonakilty. Both the 1901 and 1911 census at Reenroe confirmed Mary MURPHY as a widow. In 1901 she is recorded with 3 sons – John (28), Patrick (24), Denis (22) - and a daughter, Margaret (26). In 1911 sons John & Patrick were unmarried and still at home;

·      Anne O'NEILL (1843-1916 – sponsor: Margaret NEIL*) = John McCARTHY (1829-1902) in 1865 Skibbereen. The 1901 census had a John & Anne McCARTHY were living at Gerraneard, Clonakilty (which is situated just east of, and between, Knockskeagh & Reenroe). Sons James (25), Timothy (24) and Michael (19) are recorded;

·      Peter O'NEILL (1845-1904) = Ellen HEALY (c1841-1906) in 1867 Clonakilty. In the 1901 census the couple were in Bank Street, Clonakilty with their youngest son, Peter:

o   John O’NEILL (1868 Sovereign Street) = Sarah B “Sadie” KERR in 1898 New York;

§  Peter A O’NEILL (1899 Manhattan, New York);

o   Hannah Kate O’NEILL (1869 Sovereign Street – Sponsor: Cornelius NEILL) = Charles Andrew McCAFFREY Jr in 1899 Worcester, MA, USA;

o   Mary Ann O’NEILL (1870 Sovereign Street);

o   Margaret O’NEILL (1871 Mill Street);

o   Cornelius O’NEILL (1873 Mill Street). Possibly arrived in New York 1898;

o   Peter Michael O'NEILL (1876-1950). Remained in Clonakilty;

o   Helena Maria O’NEILL (1878-1880);

o   Honorah O’NEILL (1879);

·      Hanora O'NEILL (1845);

·       Denis O'NEILL (1847-1913) = Ellen MENNIS (1848-1926) in 1872 Clonakilty, my wife’s GGPs. Denis inherited the Reenroe properties as he is recorded at Head in the 1901 census (House 2), although he was living with his son John in House 1 in 1911 who was then in charge of the farm. 10 proven children to Denis & Ellen are known, with two others mentioned by family but not verified by records:

o   Thomas O'NEILL – Noted by the family, but history unknown. May have died young. No birth or baptism found;

o   Catherine O'NEILL (c1872-c1880) – Noted by family, but no records found;

o   John O'NEILL (1875-1957) – John was at home at Reenroe in 1901 and married Kate McCARTHY (1877-1958) in 1902 Clonakilty. Children at Reenroe:

§  Margaret “Madge” O'NEILL (1908) = Bob O'REGAN;

§  Ann O'NEILL (1910-1945 Cork) – Unmarried;

§  Eileen O'NEILL (after 1911-1972 Cork);

§  Denis O'NEILL (1913) = unknown:

·       John Joseph “Sean” O’NEILL (1940) – currently farming Cashelisky & Reenroe;

§  John O'NEILL (1916) = Margaret O'SULLIVAN. Children:

·      Ann O'NEILL;

·       Denis O'NEILL;

·       Eileen O’NEILL;

·      Kathleen O'NEILL;

·      Margaret O'NEILL;

o   Anne O'NEILL (1874-1948) = Thomas COLLINS of Coom in 1906 Clonakilty. In 1911 the couple with 3 children were living at Coom, Dunmanway North. A KEARNEY granddaughter of the couple married into my wife’s O'DONOVAN family;

o   Peter O'NEILL (1875-1947) – at home in House 2 Reenroe in 1901. Future history unclear, but is known to have married Margaret CROWLEY in 1913 Dunmanway. Child:

§  Denis O'NEILL (1915 Dunmanway);

o   Mary O'NEILL (1877) – Unclear history;

o   James O'NEILL (1878) = Maria WALSH of Ballinascarthy in 1906 Cork. May have emigrated as the couple are not found on the 1911 Irish census;

o   Bridget O'NEILL (1880-1964 Liverpool) – By 1911, Sister Bernard, a nun and schoolteacher in Everton, Lancashire, England;

o   Paul O'NEILL (1882-1956) – At home in House 2 Reenroe in 1901 but then emigrated to Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He married Mary Jane HENDRIE c1912 and founded the present-day Lanarkshire O'NEILL clan. Children:

§  Mary O'NEILL (c1913) = Charlie CAMPBELL (1910-89);

§  Eileen O'NEILL (c1915) = Joe MORGAN;

§  Anne O'NEILL (c1918) = Michael SOMERS;

§  Denis O'NEILL (c1920) = Letitia. Children in Airdrie:

·      Derek O'NEILL (1955) = Louise. Children:

o   Amy Louise O'NEILL (1980);

o   Andrew O'NEILL (1981);

o   Kevin O'NEILL (1982);

·      Martin O'NEILL (1965);

·      Paul O'NEILL (1967);

·      Angela O'NEILL (1971);

o   Felix O'NEILL (1886-1950) – At home in House 2 Reenroe in 1901 before marrying Mary Bridget O'DONOVAN in 1909 Clonakilty, my wife’s GPs. Children:

§  Eileen O'NEILL (1909-27);

§  Mary O'NEILL (1916-66) = Sean RYAN (1912-94) in 1942;

§  Denis Joseph O'NEILL (1920-95) = Ellen Mary LOWNEY (1930-2012) in Holborn, London, my wife’s parents. Children:

·      Felicity Ann O'NEILL (1962) = Mark GRACE (1959) in 1989;

·      Stephen Timothy O'NEILL (1963);

·      Paul Anthony O'NEILL (1965);

§  Anna O'NEILL (1921-95) = Alfred Dennis HICKSON, a Kent farmer, in 1946 Dunmanway;

o   Stephen O'NEILL (1889-1966) - 3rd Section Commander, Clonakilty Company IRA at the Kilmichael Ambush of British Auxiliaries, near Clonakilty in Nov 1920 = Christina O'LEARY;

o   Helena “Lena” O'NEILL (1895-1976) owned a shop in Clonakilty. Unmarried;

·       John O'NEILL (c1849 sponsor: Julia NEIL**) – No known history;

*Margaret NEIL is possibly Margaret BOHANE, the w/o John NEIL of Cashelisky.

**Julia NEIL is not identified, but the occurs as a sponsor at several local O’NEILLs baptisms.

Local IRA Battalion (full name unclear) outside shop of Felix & Stephen O'NEILL (taken during the 1921 truce period), Ashe Street, Clonakilty

If anyone can provide more information about this photo, it would be appreciated. Stephen O'NEILL (in overalls) is standing in the shop doorway. Original notes on reverse are illegible (having been scratched out by the previous owner) except for the names "John" and "Brian", appearing to be back from left to right. The only other text remaining: "signed Daniel McCARTHY".
Identified: Dan HARTE (bottom left, sitting with dog), Jim “Spud” MURPHY (standing in doorway next to Stephen O’NEILL), Flyer NYHAN (arms folded, infront of door pillar), Mick AHERNE aka O’SULLIVAN (sitting right, with striped tie).

Based on a recent Clonakilty obituary, an additional O’NEILL Reenroe family was identified and is being investigated. The family of Felix O’NEILL (1933) & Mary “Maureen” COLEMAN (1931-2015). Maureen O’NEILLs obituary described her as being of Reenroe. Five children are known:

·      Felix P O’NEILL (1952-bef 2015);

·      Peter Thomas O’NEILL (1953-bef 2015);

·      Johanna T O’NEILL (1955);

·      Assumpta O’NEILL = Michael O’DRISCOLL;

·      Siobhan O’NEILL = HEGARTY;

The 1913 Cork Directory confirming that John NEILL held all Reenroe and part of Ballyduvane (above)

Historical Map of Reenroe townland

The hill that occupies the Reenroe townland (taken from the R588 looking WNW). In 2015/2016 Reenroe is continued to be farmed jointly by John Joseph "Sean" O'NEILL (interviewed in Jul 2015) and a cousin. Sean, who inherited Reenroe through his unmarried uncle, John O'NEILL, believes he will be the last O'NEILL to farm the townland (after more than 200 years).

C: The Family of Felix NEIL of Reenroe

1826 Tithe Applotment List for Reenroe. There were no O’NEILLs at nearby Fourcuil but a James NEIL was at neighbouring Cashelisky

The 1826 Tithe Applotment Book list for Reenroe notes that “Felix holds under his father Peter". At some point after 1826 (c1855, see below) Reenroe passed into the hands of John O’NEILL (above).

o   Felix O’NEILL (c1815) of Reenroe = Catherine WHITE in 1833 Timoleague & Barryroe. Evidence suggests that before 1855 (1848 based on son Thomas’ US census record) the family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, where they can be found on the 1860 census (with later supporting evidence). Once in the US, the family can be found recorded as O’NEILL & O’NEAL; but the general default in the US is as O’NEIL. They are not yet identified on all records but generally remained in Pittsburgh. Felix is also recorded as Phelix. Children born at Reenroe and baptised at Darrara:

§  Peter O’NEILL (1834 – Sponsor John NEILL) = Mary SWEENEY (not clear if marriage occurred prior to emigration or in the US) with four known children;

·      Bernard F O’NEILL (1856-1910) – On 1880 census at home but noted as being in prison. Was in prison in 1900 and given as married. Parents confirmed on PA Death Record;

·      Henry O’NEIL (1857) – On 1880 census;

·      Lewis O’NEIL (1859) – On 1880 census. Only child to be born in NJ, not Pittsburgh;

·      Cassey O’NEIL (1864) – On 1880 census;

§  Mary O’NEILL (1836 – Sponsor Honora NEILL) – no further history;

§  John O’NEILL (1838 – Sponsor Eliza NEIL). Died in Pittsburgh in 1907 (DC confirmed both parents’ names). Based on census appears to have been married to “Liza” with at least two children and little detailed history after 1880:

·      Maggie E O’NEIL (1863);

·      James P O’NEIL (1866);

§  James O’NEILL (1840) – no further history;

§  Anne O’NEILL (1841 twin) – no further history;

§  Julia O’NEILL (1841 twin – Sponsor Margaret NEILL) – no further history;

§  Thomas Sherman O’NEILL (1843-1908). Parents names confirmed on DC in Pittsburgh = Sarah Catherine GLESENKAMP (the US-born d/o German immigrants) c1872, with the following known children;

·      John L O’NEIL (1873-1918 Wilkinsburg, PA);

·      Mary O’NEIL (1876) – last recorded in 1880;

·      Irene C O’NEIL (1877-1935) - unmarried;

·      Sherman O’NEIL (1879) – last recorded in 1880;

·      Zelda A O’NEIL (1822-1955) – married her 1930 lodger divorcee Leonard Murray COBB and lived in South Fayette, PA;

·      William O’NEIL (1884) = Inez M GREEN in 1911 Cuyahoga, Ohio – no further history;

·      Sarah L O’NEIL (1888) – last recorded in 1900;

·      Anna Villette O’NEIL (1891) – last recorded in 1910;

§  Cornelius O’NEILL (1846) – no further history;

§  Catherine O’NEIL (1855, Pittsburgh, PA), the “New World” baby” is last known living with her mother in 1880 Pittsburgh;

o   Eliza O’NEILL (1818);

o   Margaret O’NEILL (1824);

D: “Sons of Cashelisky”, Clonakilty (unless otherwise indicated)

Some suggestion that the families are most likely related as some couples who had children in Cashelisky also had some registered as “of Reenroe”.

·      John O’NEILL (before 1813) = Margaret BOHANE in 1831. Children:

o   Jeremiah O’NEILL (1832);

o   Michael O’NEILL (1839);

o   John O’NEILL (1842);

o   James O’NEILL (1846);

·      James O’NEILL (abt 1807-65 New York) = Catherine WALSH (1834 Ahiohill), Surviving children and descendants are expected to be in the USA, as 12 of the children emigrated to there. Children:

o   Mary O’NEILL (1835 – Sponsor Peter NEILL);

o   Peter O’NEILL (1836) – Sponsors Catherine NEILL and her future husband John KINGSTON);

o   Felix O’NEILL (1839 – Sponsor Eliza NEILL);

o   Catherine O’NEILL (1840);

o   John O’NEILL (1842 – Sponsor Felix NEILL);

o   Patrick O’NEILL (1844);

o   Ellen O’NEILL (1845);

o   James O’NEILL (1846) – Descendants also in Liverpool, UK;

o   Michael Augustine O’NEILL (1850-1927 Akron, Ohio) = Patience Jane MAHAR of Cleveland, Ohio in 1884. Children in Akron, Ohio:

§  William Francis O’NEIL (1885-1960);

§  Augustine Francis O’NEIL (1887);

§  Patience Mary O’NEIL (1889-1980);

§  Thomas Francis O’NEIL (1891-1943);

§  Annetta M O’NEIL (1894-1921);

§  Cyril Francis O’NEIL (1897-1965);

§  Mary O’NEIL (1899-1984);

·      Felix O’NEILL (before 1833-before 1901) = Mary McCARTHY before 1851. Children:

o   Julia O’NEILL (1851 – Sponsor Julia NEILL);

o   Cornelius O’NEILL (1853 – Sponsor John NEILL);

o   John O’NEILL (1857);

o   Catherine O’NEILL (1859);

o   Mary O’NEILL (1862 – Sponsor Julia NEILL);

o   Michael O’NEILL (1854-1940 – Sponsor Cornelius NEILL) = Margaret DEASY (1869-1950) in 1893 Clonakilty. The couple had no surviving children as indicated on the 1901 & 1911 census at Cashelisky, which Michael continued to farm. His mother Mary was present on both censuses.

·      Denis O’NEILL (c1805-1901) = (1) Joan MANGAN in 1829 Drimoleague, then = (2) Mary McCARTHY in 1860 Darrara, Clonakilty. 12 of the 15 children emigrated to the US:

§  John O’NEILL (1839 Killaveenoge, Drimoleague); farmed at Fourcuil = Hanora “Norry” FITZPATRICK;

§  Ellen O’NEILL (1840 Drimoleague); then at Fourcuil:

§  Patrick O’NEILL (1861 – Sponsor Patrick NEILL);

§  Johanna O’NEILL (1862);

§  Mary O’NEILL (1864) of Old Wood, Clonakilty;

§  Hanora / Norry O’NEILL (1867);

§  Catherine O’NEILL (1869);

§  Thomas O’NEILL (1871);

§  James O’NEILL (1873) of Templebryan. This may have been the servant (aged 26) at Templebryan South in 1901 who was the only O’NEILL registered in the township. There were none in 1911;

§  Denis O’NEILL (abt 1874);

§  John O’NEILL (1875);

§  Peter O’NEILL (1876);

§  Michael O’NEILL (1878);

§  Bridget O’NEILL (abt 1881);

§  Ellen O’NEILL (abt 1884);

The land at Fourcuil remains in the hands of a descendant of Denis. The original ‘famine cottage’ was inhabited until the mid-1980s.

E: “Sons of Ring”, Clonakilty (unless otherwise indicated)

·      Felix O’NEILL (abt 1780) = Catherine LEARY prior to 1813, presumably in Co. Cork. Children:

o   Mary O’NEILL (1814);


·      Michael O’NEILL (before 1807) = Ellen BARRY before 1825. Children at South Ring:

o   Ellen O’NEILL (1825);

o   Honora O’NEILL (1828);

·      Michael O’NEILL (bef 1825) = Mary LUCAS in 1843 Clonakilty. Children at Ring, SE of Clonakilty (2nd marriage of above?):

o   Catherine O’NEILL (1844 South Ring);

o   Ellen O’NEILL (1853 South Ring – Sponsor: James NEILL);

o   Mary O’NEILL (1856 Middle Ring);

o   Patrick O’NEILL (1859 South Ring);

o   James O’NEILL (1862 South Ring);

o   Annie O’NEILL (1866 Middle Ring). Note: By the 1901 census, and only in South Ring, were two O’NEILL families headed by relatively younger widows: an Ellen (40, with 5 children aged 18 to 3 years) & Mary (nee BARRY, 34, with 4 children aged 12 to 5 years, plus elderly BARRY parents). No O’NEILLs in 1911;

·      James O’NEILL (bef 1812) = Mary HAYES before 1830. Children at Ring:

o   Julia O’NEILL (1830-before 1834 – Sponsor Mat NEILL ?poss. Michael);

o   Julia O’NEILL (1834 – Sponsor Catherine NEILL);


·      James O’NEILL (c1829-1911 Cardiff) = Catherine BATEMAN (c1834-1890 Cardiff) in 1856 Clonakilty (Witness: Felix O’NEILL) with the family settling around Soverign Street in Clonakilty. Evidence the family moved to Cardiff, Wales around 1881 (widower James, living with widowed daughter Julia WHITE, and his son Peter (unmarried) at home:

§  Julia O’NEILL (1857 – Sponsor Ellen NEILL) of “N C Street” = Samuel WHITE in Cardiff 1881;

§  Thomas O’NEILL (1859 –Sponsor Thomas NEILL) of “N C Street”;

§  John O’NEILL (1861 – Sponsor John NEILL) of “N C Street”;

§  James O’NEILL (1864 – Sponsor Mary NEILL) of “South” (presumably South Ring);

§  Catherine O’NEILL (1866) of “Sovereign Street”;

§  Peter O’NEILL (1867-1940 Cardiff) of “Sovereign Street”;

§  Felix O’NEILL (1869) of “Sovereign Street”;

§  Mary Ellen O’NEILL (1870) of “Sovereign Street”;

§  Anne O’NEILL (1871) of Scartagh;

·      Cornelius O’NEILL (abt 1831) = Mary DRISCOLL of Kilbrittain in 1862 Clonakilty. Children of Ring, SE Clonakilty. Couple were living at Arundle Mills (Templeomalus), North Ring in 1901:

·      Mary O’NEILL (1863 Ring). Died in the US;

·      John O’NEILL (1865 North Ring) = Mary KIRBY. Children in Pennsylvania;

o   John James O'NEILL (1892-1966);

o   William George O'NEILL (1904-1933);

o   Anna Mae O'NEILL (1896-1968);

·      Johanna O’NEILL (1868 North Ring) later known as Annie went to the us abt 1887 = Frank J RIEGER (1866) of Pennsylvania in Idaho in 1913, even though she had been living with him since 1896 in PA (per 1900 census). Her sister Mary was present in 1930;

·      Cornelius O’NEILL (1871 Ring);

·      Ellen O’NEILL (1873 North Ring);

 F: “Sons of Templebryan / Templebrien”, Clonakilty (unless otherwise indicated)

·      William O’NEILL (bef 1813) of Templebryan = Ellen NUGENT by 1831. Child:

o   Denis O’NEILL (1831) of Templebryan


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