DisGraceful Productions


Welcome to DisGraceful Productions, the music of Mark Grace, a combination of original compositions and musical arrangements. There are over 100 pieces of music available for free download and distribution purely for fun. The MP3s are encoded at 128 kbit/sec, i.e. 1 min of music = ~1 MB. The length of each track is given. Just click on the hyperlinks to access the files. If you would like to use or distribute any of my music for more than personal use (MIDI or MP3), all I ask for is the courtesy of acknowledging me as the composer/arranger as appropriate and emailing me with details.

The music ranges through easy listening ambient & mood, through various jazz styles, into synth & acoustic rock as well as more modern beat/dance; wherever my mood takes me. The accompanying notes provide some explanation about each piece, to place it in some kind of musical and social perspective. Apart from my first album done with PC soundcard, the music for Albums 2-17 is entirely composed using the Korg ProX Music Workstation (a 16-voice multi-timbral polyphonic synthesizer) driven via MIDI & PC using Cakewalk Audio Pro software. Audio samples where used are credited.