Café del Mark (7' 00") - Ref. 1201
My uptake on the 'Café del Mar' series; Strings, ambient voices, gamelan (with plenty of reverb & echo), piano & drums - 130 bpm, 4/4 time

A Love of Indigo - 2003

This album represents my musical catharsis for 2003. The album cover is a photo taken by me at Bandos Island in the Maldives in 1986, which was as beautiful and blue as it comes.
Cute, But Deadly (3' 25") - Ref. 1206
An in-joke about our youngest son, Alexander. Any further comment risks embarrassment! - 130 bpm, 4/4 time
New Ireland (5' 13") - Ref. 1207
The Celtic Tiger or an island NE of Papua New Guinea in the Bismarck Archipelago? A mix of pipes and native rhythms - 117 bpm, 4/4 time
140 on the 40 (4' 01") - Ref. 1204
A typical driving speed (in kph) on the 40 Motorway in Kuwait. Driving in Kuwait, possibly the second most dangerous place on the planet for this activity, is something to behold and get used to quickly as a survival strategy. Some of the stress, chaos and speed are reflected in the music, with the four minutes being my average time on that piece of road (at 140 kph). Synthrock - 140 bpm (of course), 4/4 time
The Right Mr. Wong (3' 22") - Ref. 1203
Western jazz-rock drums, bass, E Gits, & EP meet an oriental themed Rezpad - 190 bpm, 4/4 time
Thermocline (6' 22") - Ref. 1202
Aquatic ambience involving some liquid strings, harps & choir - 115 bpm, 4/4 time
Lost Innocence (Bali October 2002) (6' 05") - Ref. 1210
Having holidayed in Bali in 1997, this was my tribute to those who died in the atrocity of 2002. A mixture of western requiem cathedral organ, harpsichord, choir, strings and eastern gamelan, pan pipes, Balinese percussion and the mournful toll of an ancient temple bell - 106 bpm, 4/4 time
A Love of Indigo (4' 57") - Ref. 1208
A cryptic clue in the Daily Telegraph crossword for 'Anil'. Jazz/Rock and the joy of living; fresh air, blue skies, blue sea, sailing, and surviving the drive home from work! Rock piano, bass, bright brass and air flute lead  - 130 bpm, 4/4 time