Set 1: Three Berewicks (10' 55") - Ref. 1101
In the Domesday period (1086) Shelvock in Shropshire was one of the three Berewicks (a hamlet attached to a manor) of the Manor of Wykey, owned in Edward the Confessor's time by Edwin, Earl of Mercia, and in William the Conqueror's time by Odo. The piece is divided into three, provoking different atmospheres for the times:
Part a. mediaeval village life (Piano, bass, acoustic git, strings, electric piano, choir, wine glasses, & mandolin) - 150 bpm, 4/4 time;
Part b. market day or festival (Chorused gits, strings, percussion, bass & drums) - 105 bpm, 6/8 time;
and Part c. a pastoral (Echoed woodwinds, lead oboe, percussion, synth bass, ambient effects, piccolo, drums, orchestra & church organ) - 125 bpm, 11/8 time

Shelvock - 2000/2001

This  concept album is based on my One-Name Study for the name. Several of the themes were developed while in Scotland but I was uninspired to finish for nearly two years. As a result it was a hard album to bring to life. The album was finally finished in just two weeks in Kuwait when inspiration returned. This album was the first full album originally issued on the Vitaminic record label. The album cover is a modified photo taken by me at Shelvock in Shropshire. The six tracks below represent the entire album. This CD was dedicated to my uncle Wilfred Harry Hart who died in 2001. 
Set 3: The Oak (6' 41")- Ref. 1103
This is a deliberately haunting piece to reflect the majesty and the presence through time of the oak trees at Shelvock. For the oak, time is slow compared to the many lives passing all around through the ages. Consequently various themes come and go. There is an oak tree at Shelvock still, and one can only imagine the magnificent tree or trees on the shelf that became known as Shelvock. Ambient effects, percussion, choirs, strings, various synths, bells, haunting trumpet solo. Despite some comments to the contrary, I was not on drugs when I composed this piece (actually it fell together in less than 3 hours one afternoon) - 130 bpm, 4/4 time
Set 4: Hemp In The Perry (7' 45") - Ref. 1104
In the 1583 manorial court records 'Roger Thomas and Roger Shelvock were fined for putting hemp in the river Perry.' A law had been passed in 1541 that banned the watering (i.e. the rotting of the non fibrous parts of the plant prior to using it for making rope) in any stream or pond where animals were allowed to drink. Hemp is part of a plant group that includes cannabis, and all the animals just go a little bit crazy. The two Roger's are consequently in big trouble. Synths, bells, strings (Intro); wooden percussion, vibraphone and lead distorted electric guitar (Bridge); Drums, pumped bass guitar, lead E Git, chorused E Gits, various clean and distorted E Gits, EP, choirs, piano, acoustic git & synth lead (Main theme) - 128 bpm, 4/4 time
Set 2: Ath (5' 34") - Ref. 1102
Ath of Shelvock is the earliest mentioned by name in a Manor Roll of 1374. Ath is also an Old English word for "dweller", and may have been a real name or simply referred to a person who dwelt at Shelvock. The set is in two parts depicting Ath going about his daily life at Shelvock. 
Part a: Acoustic git solo, chorused gits, piano & ambient effects; 
Part b: Acoustic piano, ambient effects & harp - 100 bpm, 7/8 time; 100 bpm 5/4 time
Set 5: Decline & Dispersal (7' 57") - Ref. 1105
This set in two parts represents the decline of the family name from the 1600's and the dispersal of the few remnant families in the modern day. Part a: synth vox, harmonica, harp & choir; 
Part b: Oboe, ambient effects, string synth, woodwinds, hybrid keys, acoustic git & orchestral strings - 230 bpm, 4/4 time; 100 bpm, 4/4 time
Set 6 (Finale): Reunion (5' 08") - Ref. 1106
This piece celebrates the success of the website, my one-name study and the Internet bringing today's remaining families closer together. Muted orchestra, bells, pan flute & effects (Intro); Harp (as rhythm lead and bass), chorused acoustic guitars, harpsichord, acoustic piano, woodwinds, strings, cathedral organ, female & male choirs, bells & tympani (Main theme) - 175 bpm/200 bpm, 3/4 time