Halcyon Days (3' 03") - Ref. 1001
Not sure where this came from, but one rare day, like with some other pieces, the basic outline just appeared from my finger tips without thinking and it fell together in a very short period of time. For us, an escape plan almost in place - a prelude to leaving unfriendly neighbours in Scotland for a welcome return to the Middle East; Bass, Rhodes Piano, Mute Git, Killer Organ, Chorused Gits, & 'Hit the Beast' (you know what I mean!) - 154 bpm, 4/4 time

Ten 4 Ben - 2000

My nephew - Benjamin Anthony Moore born November 2000. Final output from the Cowhill Studios in Aberdeenshire prior to relocating to Kuwait
Themes from "Tubular Bells, Part 2" (12' 24") - Ref. 1005
A homage to the piece of music that inspired my interest in music composition in the first place. I spent several months midifying the basic themes of Mike Oldfield's classic work - I use "themes" since it is impossible to transcribe all the various elements of the piece. This was designed to play in less than 16 tracks on the Korg ProX sequencer using original Korg vox
Yes Pleez (5' 10")  - Ref 1008
A host of electric gits, trombones, piano & airworks solo. A real attempt to layer some serious guitar sounds with a live performance feel, but just using a keyboard is not so easy! Possibly my best rock track based on feedback, and reflects the joy of having moved on - 152 bpm, 4/4 time
Themes from "Tubular Bells, Part 1" (18' 56") - Ref. 1004