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Synopsis of surnames undergoing research. Revised by The Geneal Geologist in Sep 2017

Discussion and enquiries are welcome on my Facebook research blogs:

Biding by The Meadow (BIDMEAD / BITMEAD One-Name)

Birmingham Branches from A-M (all my remaining families in West & East Midlands)

Birmingham Branches from N-Z (all my remaining families in West & East Midlands)

Bristol Branches (covering my SW England and South Wales families)

DUGARD Discussions (UK One-Name research)

My Irish Genealogy (West Cork)

POPPLEWELL One-Name Research


The Family of Jeremiah GRACE

The ancestral roots and descendants of:

ADAMS of Nottingham Facebook

ASHFORD of Birmingham Facebook

BALDOCK of Plumtree, Nottinghamshire Facebook

BATMAN / BATTMAN / BATEMAN One-Name Study: Descendants from the greater Bristol area Facebook

BENNETT of Winsham, Somerset Facebook

BICKNALL / BICKNELL of Budbrooke & Birmingham, Warwickshire Facebook

BIDMEAD / BITMEAD Worldwide One-Name Study (all variants conforming to B*M*(D/T)*) Facebook

BLATHERWICK Local One-Name research in Nottinghamshire Facebook

BODEN of Madeley, Shropshire & greater Birmingham Facebook

BOSTOCK of Trowell, Eastwood & Greasley, Nottinghamshire Facebook

BOWLES of Ramsgate & Sandwich, Kent Facebook

BOWSKILL of Nottinghamshire Facebook

BRADFORD of Winsham, Somerset Facebook

BRADLEY Coalmining families of Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Facebook

BRIEN / OBRIEN of Rathbarry, Cork Facebook

BROWNING of Canterbury, Kent Facebook

BURTON of Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire & Birmingham Facebook

CASTLE of Dover, Kent Facebook

CHAMBERS of Canterbury, Kent Facebook

CHAMPNEYS of Kent - Richard CHAMPNEYS, alias Gloucester, King of Arms at the court of Richard III) Facebook

CONNELL / OCONNELL Ballydehob, West Cork family with origins in the Ballyvoge townland (Macroom) Facebook

COPELAND of Yorkshire (East Riding) Facebook

COSTON of Worcestershire Facebook

COTTER of Ballineen, West Cork Facebook

COTT*RELL from Devon/Somerset border villages Facebook

COVNEY of Dunmanway, West Cork Facebook

CRESSELL of Warwickshire Facebook

CRISP of Nottingham & London Facebook

CURD of Dover, Kent Facebook

DODD of Nottingham Facebook

DONOVAN / ODONOVAN History & descendants of the family from Derrylahan townland, Dunmanway, West Cork; the family from Templebryan & Clonakilty, West Cork, and two other Irish families Facebook

DUGARD One-Name Study for the UK & related overseas families Facebook

DUFKIN / DUFFKIN One-Name Study for an English family that became extinct in the C19th Facebook

DURBOROUGH of Spaxton, Somerset Facebook

DUNNING of Warwickshire Facebook

DYER of Worcestershire Facebook

EDEN (UDEN) of Folkestone, Kent Facebook

EDNEY (EDNY) of Somerset Facebook

FITZPATRICK - West Cork families in the greater Rosscarbery area Facebook

FOX of Trowell, Nottinghamshire Facebook

FRANCIS of Birmingham Facebook

GARLAND of the greater Bristol area, Somerset/Gloucestershire (miners and masons) Facebook

GASON of Ash, Kent Facebook

GIBBS / GIBBES of Elmstone, Kent & emigrant South Carolina families Facebook

GOOD West Cork family from Phale (Ballineen) Facebook

GRACE Descendants of patriarch Jeremiah GRACE, my 3xGGF, church foundling and Y-DNA study / Facebook

GULLIFORD of Somerset Facebook

GUTTERIDGE of Coventry, Warwickshire Facebook

HARE of Warwickshire Facebook

HARRIMAN of Leicestershire Facebook

HARRISON - Coalmining families of Derbyshire Facebook

HARROLD of Ballineen, West Cork Facebook

HASKINS of Gloucestershire Facebook

HAWKINS of Staffordshire Facebook

HAYES of Castle Frome, Herefordshire Facebook

HAYWOOD / HAYWARD of the greater Nottingham area Facebook

HEMUS of the English Midlands Facebook

HIGGS of Gloucestershire Facebook

HODDER of Somerset Facebook

HOLBROOK of Iron Acton, Gloucestershire Facebook

HORNBUCKLE of Nottinghamshire Facebook

JANES of Devon/Somerset borders Facebook

JOHNES (JOANES) of Nottinghamshire Facebook

KNIGHT of Preston by Wingham, Kent Facebook

LANE of Taunton, Somerset Facebook

LAWRENCE of Preston by Wingham, Kent Facebook

LEGG of Gloucestershire Facebook

LOCK of Bradford on Tone, Somerset Facebook

LOWNEY of Beara, West Cork Facebook

MANNIN / MANNING of the Dromdeegy townland, Dunmanway, West Cork Facebook

MARTIN of Canterbury, Kent Facebook

McDONALD / MACDONALD of Ireland & Tipton, Staffordshire Facebook (UK) & Facebook (Ireland)

MENNIS One-Name Study of all West Cork families Facebook

MONKS Local One-Name Study for the greater Bristol area (Stonemasons) Facebook

MORDECAI aka MORT of Glamorgan, South Wales Facebook

MORGAN Investigating the reported connection of the BIDMEAD family to Capt. Sir Henry MORGAN Facebook

NEIL / NEILL / ONEILL West Cork families in the greater Clonakilty area Facebook

OSBORNE of the greater Bristol area Facebook

PARR of Kinver, Staffordshire Facebook

PHIPPS of the greater Bristol area Facebook

PICK of Holywell & Aunsby, Lincolnshire Facebook

POPPLEWELL (POP*(W)*LL) Worldwide One-Name Study Facebook

POTTER of Elmstone, Kent Facebook

PRESCOTT of Bradford on Tone, Somerset Facebook

ROBERTS of Birmingham (Hairdressers) Facebook

SANDERS (Maternal) of Coventry & Birmingham (Watchmakers) Facebook

SANDERS (Paternal) of Middlesex, Birmingham, Leicester, Oakham (Gunmakers), Grantham (LIN) & France Facebook

SEASTON / SESTON aka JACKLIN of Birmingham (with origins in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire) Facebook

SHALLIS of Aisholt, Somerset Facebook

SHELVOCK / SHELVOKE / SHILVOCK Worldwide One-Name Study Overview / Facebook

SHIERS (SHEARS / SHIRES) of Bicester, Oxfordshire & Nuneaton, Warwickshire Facebook

SHORTEN West Cork family from Killeigh & Moneygaff, West Cork Facebook

SKYNNER of Folkestone, Kent Facebook

SMITH of Castle Bytham & Osbournby, Lincolnshire Facebook

SPAIN(E) of Dover, Kent Facebook

SPALDING of Worcester Facebook

STACY/STACEY of Bradford on Tone, Somerset Facebook

STANDLEY of Staffordshire Facebook

SULLIVAN / OSULLIVAN 4 separate West Cork families; 2 in the Filane townland of Beara, 1 from Whiddy Island (Bantry Bay) and 1 from Ardfield/Rathbarry Facebook

SWANTON of West Cork Facebook

TAVERNER of Warwickshire Facebook


TUCKER of Tipton Facebook

VARLEY - Coalmining families of Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Facebook

VENESS Worcestershire & Birmingham families of likely Sussex origins Facebook

WELLS of Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire Facebook

WHIT*AKER of Churchill and Belbroughton, Worcestershire Facebook

WHITE of Bradford on Tone, Somerset Facebook

WHITEHOUSE of Tipton & Dudley, Staffordshire Facebook

WILKES of Birmingham Facebook

WILLIAMS from Cambridgeshire Facebook

WILLIAMS of West Bagborough, Somerset Facebook

WILSON - Coalmining families of Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Facebook

WISE from Nottinghamshire Facebook




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